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In Kosova state due to the latest government import taxes changes, now is the most favorite time for new importers, for almost every product.

As far as Finland has a great reputation in Kosova and is already well known for the quality and safety of the products produced in that country, Businesses in Finland should take this advantage of this opportunity as soon as possible. It is very likely that these companies will have their market share with their products in this market permanently.

So now is the time to enter in this market with your products. FIN-AL is here to assist you for the rest.

We invite you to act ASAP in order to be successful with your products export in this country.

You could be informed of new Kosova changes in import taxes in below notes:

The Kosovo government has decided to increase the 100 percent customs duty on products imported from Serbia and Bosnia. 

The tax increase follows the Government's preliminary decision to impose a 10 percent tax on products from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The new 100% customs tax, according to some officials in Pristina, can be understood as a response that Kosovo makes aggressive Serbia's policy against Kosovo's membership in INTERPOL and Serbian diplomacy to the countries designated to attract Kosovo recognitions .

Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj said the decision immediately enters into force and all institutions are obliged to implement it.

Haradinaj has justified the tax on violations, as he said Serbia has made the Free Trade Agreement - CEFTA.

We have to understand that most of the raw materials for the processing industry come from Serbia. Serbia is the largest importer in Kosovo of almost all products. According to official data, the value of products imported from this country only within a year is about 400 million euros. Meanwhile, Bosnia's imports of goods to the Kosovo market reached last year's value of 81.5 million euros.

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